Goodbye Phillip; Hello Pepper

We regret to report that our beloved pampered prince, Phillip the Shih Tzu, passed away in late July. At 16.5 years old, more or less, he lived a very comfortable life with us, having gotten a rough start at a puppy mill.

We were going to take a break from pet parenting for a while, but that resolve lasted less than a month. Say “Hi” to Pepper, an 11-year-old Lhasa Apso. Pepper’s elderly parents had died, so the folks at Old Dog Haven spread the word that a great little doggie needed a home. So here we are and here she is. 

Those of you who remember Phillip know that he was adorable and chill. He also had a mind of his own and enjoyed being served. Pepper is a different animal altogether. Well, she is cute, too, but she is energetic and eager to please. We are thankful at how well trained she is, as well as how easily she has settled into the household and the inn.  

Happy coincidence means that all of Phillip’s gear works for Pepper, as they weigh about the same. And the best part of that is that the Steelers jersey is a perfect fit!

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