Sprucing Up in Seattle

Assistant Innkeeper Smokey Jackson reports on city and inn improvements:

Being a slow time for visitors to Seattle, January is a good month for us to tackle renovation projects and tend to chores that are difficult to do when guests are afoot. As we speak, the sounds and smells of our kitchen cabinet painting project fill the first floor (in a good way), and we crank the heat to dry out our freshly cleaned carpets throughout the rest of the inn.

It seems as if the entire city is sprucing up, from our ongoing building boom to the almost-done, SR-99 tunnel. Even the iconic Space Needle is in on the act, with a total restaurant remodel. Seattle leads the United States in number of construction cranes erected, and our population is the fastest growing for a big U.S. city.

Along with the explosive population growth, Washington’s Department of Transportation is working to get drivers through the new tunnel connecting West Seattle to downtown some time this year. The tunnel replaces the SR-99 Viaduct, the elevated highway damaged in the 2001 Nisqually earthquake. Additionally, Sound Transit is putting together an extension to the Link Light Rail system to improve public transportation options throughout the city.

Not to be outdone, our Space Needle, built for the 1962 World’s Fair, is getting quite the facelift. In addition to undergoing a remodel of the Observation Deck to give an uninterrupted 360o view of the area, the rotating restaurant’s new glass floor will allow unique views of the needle itself.     

We are very much looking forward to all of these changes and are eager to get out and take a closer look at the Needle while our paint dries! 

Oh, and a shout out to Phinney Ridge Painting for always doing a quality, professional job for us.

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