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Senior Tortie CatI’m Lisa Burkett from San Francisco and have used any excuse to visit Seattle for more than three decades. Since Shelley opened 9 Cranes Inn, I’ve been a regular guest and was honored by her invitation to write a blog post.

I love cats, having three of my own, and take every opportunity to pet and play with every one I encounter…assuming the cat is agreeable. The cat café is a relatively new concept in the U.S., following the success and popularity its Japanese counterpart has enjoyed. The first opened in 2014: Cat Town Café in Oakland, which was followed by KitTea in San Francisco, where I have volunteered. The cafés partner with local cat rescue organizations, offering homeless cats the chance for socialization by visitors and staff. Cats are selected for cafés for their ability to do well in a communal setting and are offered privacy spaces – very important to the enigmatic species. Shyer and less sociable cats are placed in foster care. Cats available for adoption reside in their own room in the café replete with toys and feline furniture. They are visited by cat fanciers who pay a nominal fee and may enjoy tea and treats in a separate room.

Prior to my recent visit, it was a delight to find that Seattle’s own cat café, Meowtropolitan, has opened. Being the coffee capital that Seattle is, it’s no surprise that espresso beverages are the specialty. I enjoyed a Catpuccino and was tempted to try a Meowca. One beverage is included with admission and may be taken into the stylish and very functional cat room. In there I found many adorable, adoptable cats living the life of luxury while awaiting their forever homes. I was pleased to see that all of the cats at the time were adults, often more of a challenge to place in homes than kittens, and among them were two sweet seniors looking for new human moms or dads. Many of my fellow visitors were young people who shared that they love cats but can’t have one where they live.

Meowtropolitan is located at 1225 North 45th Street – about 1-1/4 miles from 9 Cranes Inn. It is walkable for ambitious guests. Street parking is a bit of a challenge but can be found with persistence. Reservations for 50-minute visits are highly advisable.

Meowtropolitan also offers occasional yoga classes. As we say at the conclusion of class at KitTea, ‘Meownaste.’

Big Orange Kitty Meowtropolitan Storefront Black-White Cat

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