Date Night #18: There’s a New Kid in Town and We Want to Be Good Friends


Almost forgot to take the photo before we scarfed down all of the plump, juicy prawns!

It was Sunday night and I’d been working inside all day. Somewhat out of character, Mike agreed to a walk without a destination. Took one of our usual routes along Phinney Avenue North – the main artery of our Seattle neighborhood.

Long story short: We didn’t make it far enough to call it exercise. Just as Mike was trying to remember whether there was an appealing Mexican place en route, I looked across the street to check on the progress of a soon-to-be eatery, HECHO, at 74th and Greenwood. Were those people in there? Sitting down at tables? It was open! And nearly packed at 5:15 on a Sunday.

We skirted the lively bar (What’s up with that? We usually sit at the bar) and adjoining dining area to a booth for two around the back. Much better for conversation. But first, our drinks. Presented with a menu offering 85 tequilas and 25 Mezcals, Mike took the bait, selecting Milagro, which he reported was smooth and smoky. I went for the house margarita – a good drink, if non-traditional. I think it was the addition of orange syrup, which I worried would make the drink sweeter. In fact, the result was dryer and sharper, not as much like candy as most margaritas.

Large plates, small plates, and “street food” were our options. Everything looked so good that we over-ordered. Thick, house-made chips and delicious guacamole. Honey-habanero-glazed prawns with enough sauce and frisee to call it a salad. Alaskan cod for Mike’s tacos and crispy mushrooms in mine made us both very happy…and very full.

We were so impressed that when our friends called to see what we were doing, we invited them to join us. Our server Jen graciously moved us to a four-top, where we easily convinced the newbies (we were now “regulars”) to order the guac and the prawns. They branched out on their own with yellow rice (cilantro, lime, and lentils) and sea scallops. I think they liked it rather a lot because we never got to sample the stuff we hadn’t ordered!  Their joining us gave me time to consider another tequila-based cocktail. The Paloma fizz was my choice; the grapefruit and lime juices in it made this one my favorite.

For drinks, snacks, or all-out dinner, we’re excited about this addition to the Phinney Ridge/ Greenwood neighborhood and very glad that HECHO is only 15 short blocks away from the inn. We have much more sampling to do…..telling ourselves that the walk home helps burn off some of the calories consumed. I couldn’t find a website as of this writing, but HECHO has a Facebook page.

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