No-Doily vs. Pro-Doily: Guess Where We Stand?

Step aside Presidential politics. The Bed & Breakfast industry has a much more important campaign to wage. The Pro-Doily party is running against the No-Doily party to show that there’s a perfect B&B for everyone. Innkeepers and travelers alike are asked to cast their votes for the Pro-Doily or the No-Doily party.

The Pro-Doily party is setting the doily stimulus package at the forefront of their campaign, running on a platform of freedom to crochet for all. “A doily on every surface,” is the mantra of the Pro-Doily party, lobbying for tax-free status for doilies. The No-Doily party maintains that doily reform is long overdue. “Death to Doilies” is their cry – promising to support capital punishment for the lacy creations and vowing to put an end to doily excess.

9 Cranes Inn respects the right of other inns to beautify their bureaus in any way they see fit. This Seattle B&B, however, is a card-carrying member of the No-Doily party. “No Doilies Allowed” has been our motto since we opened, and we are so anti-doily that we bleed red (or white) wine and blueberry syrup onto any doily that dares cross our threshold.

Why do we hate those filigree fixtures? Because doilies represent old stereotypes about B&Bs. The new reality is that 95% of North American B&Bs offer free wi-fi and a complimentary breakfast that blows the frozen waffles at your typical hotel or motel away. 9 Cranes inn also boasts private bathrooms, free parking, complimentary snacks, flat-screen TVs, and always – honest, friendly, local service.

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