Synchronicity – a silly little story of coincidence

The Central PA posse at 9 Cranes Inn

The week was already a study in harmonic convergence. Oddly enough, my Seattle Bed & Breakfast was playing host only to guests from places I had lived in the past: central Pennsylvania and the Washington, DC area, to be specific. This phenomenon made for even livelier breakfast-table conversation than usual.

But it wasn’t over yet.

Today the doorbell rings as I’m flipping blueberry-oatmeal-cottage cheese pancakes for my houseful of mid-Atlantic visitors. Not expecting anyone and hoping not to burn breakfast, I hurry to the door, spatula in hand. Two ladies introduce themselves as friends of my sister (who also lives in PA) – they’re in town to judge a gymnastics meet. Surprised, I usher them in, offering coffee while saying, “let me rescue breakfast!”

Returning from the kitchen I find the new arrivals chatting happily with my B&B guests – turns out everyone in the room currently lives or once lived in central PA, which makes for a lot to talk about. Yeah, small world, blah, blah, blah. But get this: One of the judges mentions that she used to be a gym teacher. One of my guests has this “aha” moment and realizes that this woman is her long-lost gym teacher from middle school. They had to come all the way across the country to be reunited.

Barb the gym teacher and Lisa the student, reunited

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Funny little story, though, no? I was about to make some clever reference to the album Synchronicity by the Police, but my husband says that would be dating myself. Oh well. Too late.

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