Fourth and Final Room Update: Neither Rain nor Snow…..

The Fremont room's new bathroom takes shape

Our fair city enjoys (!) a reputation for turning sissy when it snows. Rather than get defensive about snow in Seattle, we should embrace it…take time to slow down, avoid hills, and enjoy the crisp, cold quiet. At the risk of being accused of embracing a double standard, though, I’ll admit that I’m totally pleased that the carpenter on our B&B renovation isn’t a snow wimp.

During our recent week of – for us – prolonged exposure to the white stuff, Scott showed up every day, keeping the project on track (even with the changes I made along the way). To make matters even better, my contractor had rigged up a system to reduce wear and tear on the rest of the house by erecting scaffolding out back and removing a window through which all crew members and materials come and go.

Now, the black & white Fremont room has a hole punched in the wall, leading to its new en suite bathroom. (Also site of one change I made – the planned shower just didn’t look like you could turn around in it, so we enlarged it.) The new Phinney Ridge room’s walls are ready for priming and painting, and its good-sized bathroom affords enough wall space to hang towel bars everywhere.

True to our Seattle Bed and Breakfast’s personality, the Phinney Ridge room will look different from the other individually decorated guest rooms. It will be purple, gray, and silver. Guys – don’t worry, it’s a manly purple, not a girly purple. And I’m really excited about the double pocket doors that lead into a small sitting area, where a very comfortable fold-out twin bed will be available for a third guest or a second person not wanting to share the queen bed in the adjoining room.

I don’t want to jinx anything by predicting when the room will be ready, but what the heck? I’m thinking April is a safe bet. Now let’s hope that the (April Fools) joke’s not on me.

Scaffolding out back kept the B&B's "public" areas clean

Phinney Ridge bedroom looking toward sitting room

Looking back from sitting area to Phinney Ridge bedroom

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